okay im glad to make this game look better.

okay i think im gonna take jack sparrow and jolly roger.

Ok im gonna make this kinda made up lol but it might be good for the start of the game, ok you could put a intorduction there like the story what happend ok, Jack sparrow and jolly roger meet on the isla, isla mortoala (made up isla) and they became best friends one day jack and jolly roger (known as roger at first) wanted to be a pirate lord so they had to duel each other. then jack won and he became a pirate lord then jolly roger became evil, and he fell into fire and became the undead.

ok now im gonna take bits from the movie treasure isla and potc,

okay here is the ideas,

Jim and jack sparrow meet one day and they became friends then after a few years they got throwing in jail.

(game of the player now starts to make a pirate) ok so the player jim and jack sparrow found the player and then the player can cerate his/her pirate.

Now this is up to gleaming but can you add in like riped banndanas and dirty clothing and things/ ok now after that jim jack and the player have to climb up a rope and im taking this part from the game Pirates of the caribbean at worlds end for pc. when they climb up the rope they can kick the cell and it falls and then 3 gards come runing in so jack and jim and the player runs in and fights them now the player gets to player the game the minute he makes his pirate he can fight and everything. ok i was thinking make the weapon belt and buttons the same as potco.

okay after the fight a other intorduction can come on.

like jack talking to jim and the player.

please say Agree

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