Suggested for deletion because the petition is closed, the date is passed, and the page has been long inactive. 

Avast, mates! Pirates of the Caribbean Online is now closed.

Disney Interactive will consider keeping the sites open if we happen to reach 6,000 signatures by September 22th, 2013 (late). We do realize that is a lot to accomplish in less than a month, but it is worth a try. We are not meaning to sound ungrateful for each and every signature posted so far but if Disney is willing to consider keeping the sites if we reach 6,000, we will set the bar that high. If you care to sign the petition site, click here.

This is our FAQ's about saving POTCO (Pirates of the Caribbean Online). Please note this is not POTCO's Closing FAQ's. If you wish to visit the Closing FAQ's, go here.

Q: Is there a way we can stop Disney from closing the awesomenest pirate game ever - Pirates of the Caribbean Online?

A: We have made a page telling you our regards on this instead of making a petition about saving Pirates Online which will not happen because Disney has clearly made up their minds.

Q: Is there really a way to save the game or are you just making that up?

A: Yes, there may be a way.

Q: How are we going to save Pirates Online?

A: We would sell Pirates Online to another company.

Q: How would we sell Pirates Online to another company because I don't see any good companies taking the game?

A: That is why we need to get the word out about the game closing even more with a petition site for having Pirates Online being bought by another company. These are the only ways to save our beloved game in our opinion.

Closing Notice from Pirates Online

Pirates Online wanted to make sure that everyone knows there will be FREE Unlimited Access including festive events, swashbucklin' surprises, and any currently open in-game codes are available during the final month of the game.

Closing Notice