This article contains information about the game, Pirates Online Rewritten.
The content of this article will most likely be implemented into the game.


The Game Guide is a guide that will help you guide through the beginning of playing the upcoming game, Pirates Online Rewritten.

Story Chapters

Pirates had many adventures to tell in Pirates of the Caribbean Online and we have many that we want you to tell when you come back from shore after a long time at sea.

Enemy, Bosses, and Weapons

There are various enemies that are part of certain groups, bosses, weapon rarity, and the types of weapons that you can fight enemies with. This section of the Game Guide will show you all the enemies in the game and the weapon classes you and the enemies can use.

Enemy Groups


Weapon Rarity

Weapon Types


In Pirates Online Rewritten, there are many islands to explore and many islands that haven't been discovered yet! Are you brave enough to go to these islands of the EITC, Royal Navy, or the Undead?  

Colonies and Towns

Forts and Side Islands

Wild Islands

Supernatural Islands

Ship vs Ship Islands


Minigames are fun activities to do when you are pick pocketting navy or plundering ships and can sometimes do amazing stuff or show that you are a true pirate and can be victorious! 

Player vs Player

User Interface

The interface for players will have many categories that may sometimes complex to you and your mates. The team at Pirates Online Rewritten have made this section for players to know and master the user interface.


Guild Layout2

This is the section for guilds and guild layouts! As you can see in the picture, there are lots of new improvements. If you aren't sure how guilds work, then here is how they work. When you hover over a button it gives you information on what the button leads you to. Each button serves a different purpose. From left to right, the buttons are: Members, roles, treasury, warehouse, forums, headquarters, invite to guild, leave guild, message of the day, and news and updates. That is a lot of categories for the new guild system! Also, there is going to be a guild for the Game Masters! There is currently no name for it, but the developers will probably find a name for the GM guild soon.

Release Notes