grenade is a small, handheld bomb that is thrown at enemies once it has been primed. In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, the pirate can use grenades to attack multiple enemies at once. But be careful when using grenades as it is possible to die from throwing too many grenades at yourself.


Grenade Quest

At Notoriety Level 20, your pirate receive a quest to visit Jack Sparrow who will then send you to Ewan McCraken, (a gunsmith in Port Royal). He sets you to work gathering the ingredients needed to make the grenades for Jack Sparrow. This is not an easy task, since it includes going into Royal Navy forts for the needed materials.

Grenade Skills 

Combat Skills:

Name Description Level Req. Icon
Throw Basic grenade throwing skill. 1
Grenade grenadier
Long Volley Hold down the attack button to throw farther. 4
Grenade strength

Ammo Options:

Name Description Price Level Req. Icon
Explosive A crude ceramic grenade. 0 1
Grenade throw
Stink Pot A ceramic pot filled with noxious gas and foul smelling gunk. 4 (10) 2
Grenade flameburst
Fire Bomb Flammable bomb that sets fire to it's surroundings. 10 (25) 8
Grenade explosion
Smoke Bomb A bomb filled with quick burning tar and rags. Creates a blinding cloud of smoke. 5 (5) 12
Grenade smokecloud
Siege Charge A heavy iron grenade that packs a wallop! 7 (5) 20
Grenade siege

Passive Skills:

Name Description Level Req. Icon
Determination Increase health regeneration rate. 6
Grenade determination2
Demolitions Increases the area of effect for your grenade and cannonball explosions. 10
Grenade demolition
Toughness Decreases the amount of damage taken from cannonball and grenade attacks. 14
Grenade determination
Ignore Pain Limits effects of poison, stuns, etc. 17
Cannon toughness