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Guilds be a part of every sea scoundrel out there. PvP, Sailing, and just hanging with ye mates are what they are about.

Creating a Guild in Pirate of Legend will require a certain level to ensure all the guild masters are at least familiar with the game themselves, however, any pirate can join a guild.

Guild FAQs:

Future GM Events

  • Challenge of the Guilds - a challenge to see what guild is best. Awards may be granted by GM to the winner
  • Guild Recruiting - meet on the shores of Tortuga or Port Royal on Fridays and Saturdays from 3-8 PM EST to recruit.
  • Giving Hints About New Updates - GM's will come online in-game to do a little special event and hint future updates.
  • Weapon Giveaways - GM's will give away weapons that are new, or lootable weapons through a code or trade.

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