This is a page about my pirate from Potco and POR! Hannah Bluefeather is a lvl. 50 Pirate.  She is unique and is powerful and smart, Her main island is Port Royal. She is also a GM for the amazing and upcoming game, POR! She is an extremely friendly pirate and is willing to help other pirates! Hannah Bluefeather is also a good friend! Hannah Bluefeather goes looting for clothing and stuff a lot and is a helpful, determined, and caring pirate! She is also hardworking and an adventurous and amazing pirate! She loves sailing and she has 3 ships!  Hannah Bluefeather's ships are a War Brig called the Midnight Dancer, a War Frigate named the BountyHunter Lion, and her favorite ship, a War Sloop called the Star-Chaser Lion, with red sails and a lion logo. She has a black sash, and a black vest. She also has a lot of cool clothing, and cavalier hats! She has her favorite Assassins Cutlass and when POR comes out she will have her unique Aurora Blade (Thanks Charles!)  which is a famed sword like the Emerald Curse Sword except blue. It glows and is a cool sword. My Pirate is a GM so I will be making appearances in the game once it comes out, and I will be playing a lot! Hannah Bluefeather will probably be part of the GM Guild if there is going to be one. Her favorite island is Driftwood and Port Royal, and she loves the snowmen from the holiday events! She also likes to chase after the Keg Runners and loves hats! (More to come soon!)

About Hannah Bluefeather:

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