Hi, I'm Basil Tackcrash. Former GM of Pirate Fury Co and long time pirate and fan of POTCO and the community. I've come to notice over the years of playing this game, it has racked up a long history, not just created by the POTCO creators itself, but by the pirates and the guilds, the people and the events that this community has created. And the great adventures that gave us the desire to recreate this wonderful game.

I have been thinking of putting together a documentary about the history of POTCO 2007-2013. Discussing several big topics like the islands, guilds, pirates, leaderboard records, events, etc. This may best be done if beta is out, and get to interview people virtual face to virtual face.

Anybody who can give strong (positive) comments about certain events can be interviewed, we do want people from certain guilds and witnessed certain events however, to provide a deeper story

Spots are still up. I plan on starting a crew to help film, edit, and record interviews for this documentary, and I hope we can all enjoy the game Disney, and us have made.

Documentary Crew Ranks

Director - Basil Tackcrash , _________________

Video Editor/Recorder - ______________, ________________

Video/Screenshot/etc, provider - _________________, _______________


1. Basil Tackcrash 2. ________________

Thank You, Basil Tackcrash.