• Here is another page where you can submit game ideas (in text), make sure to leave space between your and other people's ideas
  • (wolfthespartan) Add different types of cannons (like one that fires further, one that fires faster, and a multi barrel/automatic mini cannon)
  • (wolfthespartan) Allow players to use firearms (flintlock pistol, musket, etc.) to fight human enemies like the British navy
  • (wolfthespartan) Add more ranks to guilds and add alliances with other guilds
  • (wolfthespartan) PvP guild wars
  • (wolfthespartan) Rideable animals (horses/mules)
  • (wolfthespartan) Add more to the ship vs ship combat such as a 3rd faction (possibly england, or portugal)
  • (wolfthespartan) Add navy and EITC invasions, along with more bosses
  • (wolfthespartan) MORE ISLANDS!!!
  • Feel free to add more below
  • (TheMermaidGoddess) Add TRADING! I think it would be a great aspect of the game.
  • Add more healing skills but to the staff.

(LarryThePirate) Insert a land claim system. (Allows guilds to seize control of certain towns/cities, or allow them to have a private island/purchasable buildings)

  • (Pollice) Allow to change the appearance of your character such as the eyes, skin color, and body after the account is created.
  • (Pollice) Be able to swim and gain items from the water.
  • (Pollice) Guild missions (ex: rob villagers).
  • (Pollice) Voice chat.
  • (Pollice) Swimwear.
  • (Pollice) Daily gold bonus.
  • (Anonymous) Blocking and counter-attacks. Essentially, if you and an enemy attack each other at the same time, you block the enemy's attack, and better yet, a small chance to counter-attack and deal twice the damage.

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