This article contains information about the discontinued game, Pirates of Legend.
The content of this article will not be implemented into the current project, Pirates Online Rewritten.

The Lore Department of Pirates of Legend is responsible for producing all lore, role-play, and backround for the new game. It is headed by Director William Seasteel with CaptainEzekiel serving as Chief Consulting Advisor. 


  1. Mr. William Seasteel - Director of the Lore Department and Head of Natural Production and Faction Production
  2. Mr. CaptainEzekiel - Chief Consulting Advisor and Head of Supernatural Production 
  • Mr. Blau Wolfe XIII - Natural Division Executive Assistant
  • ​Mr. XaviCommander - Supernatural Division Executive Assisstant 
  • Miss Lize1325 - Storyboard Idea Consultant (Division TBA) 
  • Mr. Winters1001 - Storyboard Idea Consultant (Natural Division)


  • Natural Division - Responsible for maintaining Lore on In-game country factions such as France, Spain, Great Britain, Holland, and Denmark. Also works with the Supernatural Division on Pirate Lore. 
  • Supernatural Division - Responsible for maintaining Lore on In-game Voodoo, Undead, and other mystical aspects. Also works with the Natural Division on Pirate Lore.