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Pirates Online Rewritten was an ongoing project to recreate Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Shortly after the closing of POTCO, us group of players decided to make our own version of the game that would include numerous content additions and better system performance. While the game was in very early stages of development, it was given the title of Pirates of Legend. After a couple of months of development, we realized that making an original game from scratch would take far too long. The idea to recreate POTCO was suggested and work began on how we could go about doing this.

Pirates of Legend was cancelled when we decided to recreate POTCO. It was then decided that the new game would be called Pirates Online Rewritten. Over the past few weeks multiple Alpha Updates have been released until we decided that Alpha Updates will no longer be released. The project was in full swing and later, our first version of the game, Alpha, was released. No profit was ever made for Pirates Online Rewritten -- the game was completely free.

On November 31, because we ended up not being able to recreate the game, the cancellation of Pirates Online Rewritten makes its way in. A blog post was posted by Jacob at Pirates Online Rewritten Forums announcing the cancellation. We are deeply sorry that the time had to come, however, not having great knowledge in coding the game does not mean the project should continue.

We give our thanks to everyone for supporting Pirates Online Rewritten throughout the times of when it was in development. Fair winds!
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