This article contains information about the game, Pirates Online Rewritten.
The content of this article will most likely be implemented into the game.


640px-Pistol 1

Pistol is the ability to use a handgun, whether a single-shot or repeater. 



1. a short firearm intended to be held and fired with one hand.

verb (used with object), pis·toled, pis·tol·ing or (especially British) pis·tolled, pis·tol·ling.

2. to shoot with a pistol.


1560–70; < Middle French pistole < German, earlier pitschal, pitschole, petsole <Polish Pistolet < Czech píšt’ala literally, pipe, fife, whistle (presumably a slang term for a type of light harquebus employed during the Hussite wars), akin to pištět to squeak, peep.


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