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Privateering Main
Privateers are pirates who recive Letters of Marque from a nation. They have the authority to plunder the ships of an enemy nation. Country GMs, NPCs, and Offices carry stashes of Marque letters to hand out to pirates! There is no official GM for this branch, however, the GM of the country you're working for can be considered your GM.

History of Privateering

Although several pirates did and still do privateer, it is now considered more of a first class standard faction. However, it wasn't always this.

During the early 1500s, several countries were arguing over trade of materials. Several European countries such as France, Italy and Spain were enfuriated with each other as they wanted to be the best countries. Politics became fights, and the countries turned to violence.

At Sea

Some countries weren't landlocked and, the only way to get there was via boat. Everyone wanted not money, but power. The power to rule overseas territory, and regain the trade. So cannons started to blaze, the countries being represented by the finest Admirals and seafarers. These people became known as Privateers.

Letters of Marque

The Letters of Marque were precious pieces of writing normally related to royalty. They gave authority to plunder and many a privateer held them. It showed that the nation really wanted what they did; power and money.


In the late 15th century/early 16th century, pirates went off to join in with the rawccus. Gunfire enveloped the sea, and pirates took the cargo that many of the Privateer ships held. Power started to decrease, but Factions still aim to retrieve what they had back from the pirates, who are now named Privateers. And these Privateers are the people in the faction still today.

In Game

In the game, this is an Independent Faction which players can choose to join.