This article contains information about the discontinued game, Pirates of Legend.
The content of this article will not be implemented into the current project, Pirates Online Rewritten.


Earning Trust is a quest unlocked when a pirate reaches Notoriety Level 5.

Task: Sail to any Colonial Island.

Soldier: "Hey! We need you to prove you're not a spy before you go snooping around in here mate! Kill some of those Redcoats and we MIGHT let you do us some work! throw in a Captain and we'll give you a more thourough look."

Task: Kill 3 English Soldiers, Sink a ship then capture its Captain (optional), and return to Soldier.

Reward: 10 colonial trust, basic uniform of choice (Army, Navy, or Marine), 1500 Gold, 100-150 Experience.

Soldier: "Good work! You seem truely blue to me but here, put this uniform on (this is when you are allowed to choose a uniform). Great, you look decent enough! Do well and you might get the lead some of our troops! Go to the Quartermaster to draw some weapons." . Task: Visit Quartermaster.

Reward: 1 Enlisted Bayonet, 1 Enlisted Dagger, 1 Enlisted Pistol, 100 experience.

Quartrmaster: " Hey, you're the new recruit correct? Well go to the range and see the Master guns to see what kind of job your suited for!"

Task: Visit Master Gunner.

Reward: 100 experience

Master Gunner: "Get over here you dunce! Almost walked through the range, and believe it or not, having all body parts helps! Go find Range Sergeant, he will help you out. "

Task: Visit Range Sergeant.

Reward: 50-100 experience

Range Sergeant: "Lets start an easy task. Take out yer knife and have at that post with the bedding around it. It has a curde so it will attack back!"

Task: Defeat 1 Dummy with a dagger.

Reward: 50-100 experience (Character and Dagger)

Range Sergeant: "Outstanding! Take out yer pistol and defeat two next to that fence! They'll have guns!"

Task: Defeat 2 Dummies with a pistol.

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