Dear Pirates Online Rewritten,

I would like to continue my work on dagger design, and add as much as I can manage on my schedule. With that said, I would like to request a slight increase in tolerance for lapses of inactivity. This is because I am doing a lot in my personal life and am expecting a promotion to flight staff in my squadron. Any extra leniency is greatly appreciated.

In addition to this, if we are going to pay for work (assuming I do enough to warrant it), I would like to request no pay but instead a simple unlimited access allowance, whatever time span it may cover, monthly, bimonthly, semiannually, annually, etc. In addition to the work I do for daggers, I would be happy to do whatever I can to help out, whether it be naming things, putting in ideas, or anything else. In game (if we do this) I would like to be in or run a game-master military guild. If this is approved I would like to design the uniform and structure of the guild, etc.

Please post anything you have to say on any of these matters in the comments. I also have a blog on this subject, feel free to use whatever is more convenient for you.

With thanks,

Winters1001 (John Winters)