This article contains information about the discontinued game, Pirates of Legend.
The content of this article will not be implemented into the current project, Pirates Online Rewritten.

Davy Jones's theme song03:25

Davy Jones's theme song

Please do not delete this page without asking! Here is the page for ship logos. Please ask my permission, (EmpressBluefeather31) before editing! Thanks! :D



I think it would be a good idea if we had ship logos, like on potco. My ideas for designs could be the gm's could have their own cool designs, such as names or their own unique symbols, such as a lion (for me) and a blue feather. Then we can have similar logos for all the other pirates! I think this would be a cool way to decorate our ships and also a good idea for the new game! (we could also have interiors to ships and decorations for them, and another cool idea could be houses or pets!) Those are just ideas for the new game! I hope you enjoy this page! - Hannah Bluefeather :D


Here is where you can place your ideas and designs for ship logos! When you post your logo or design  in the comments, please tell me what you are going to call the logo/design and tell me your name so I can put it in the description! If there is already a page like this please let me know! Thanks! -Hannah Bluefeather

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