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Hello there, fellow developers. It's TheGleamings here, giving you my guidance on adding/creating coding files.

Starting off

Now, to start off. I do recommend that all coders, designers, and developers buy the Raspberry Pi. It has helped me utilise my knowledge of coding on the various programs that there are. From Python to Pascal, it's your best bet.

If you click here, RamDarre gives a great link to a coding project which vastly improves your C++ abilities. 'Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.' - Abraham Lincoln

Getting started

So, now you should have some simple knowledge of your programming language/whatever task you have been assigned to.

Now should be the time to type in your coding and try it out. Always make sure the syntax is correct, else it will all go terribly wrong. Continuously save your areas under your files for now, then when you are done, keep reading.

Adding a 'zip' file or alternatives

Now, zip files apply across the whole spectrum of hardware devices. A video that I found very useful was this one.

You can also have the ability to video your work, and on this wiki it is easy to upload videos for everyone to see.

How to upload


That's it everyone! If you are having any problems, then feel free to contact me on My Wall.

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