Stick Pirates
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Ahoy mateys! I understand that a few of ye aren't able to launch me downloads? If that be so, just follow these simple commands from this guide.

My guide in a nutshell: The Simple Steps

Here are the main steps:

1) Once downloaded through the setup wizard, be sure to know which area the folder for the game is on. For example, if the module was called Padres_Del_Fuego, it would be C:\Padres_Del_Fuego depending on where you saved it.

2) Open the command prompt. This can be found by clicking start -> accessories then Command Prompt

3) Then type in to the command prompt as follows: python C:\Padres_Del_Fuego\game\ This can vary, but you must type in after where it is, \game\ as this is where the game always is.


If I were to save the game in my documents, in the command prompt I would type:

python C:\Users\Fred\Libraries\Documents\Padres_Del_Fuego\game\

What is a .py file?

A .py file is what we use to do our coding to be able to see what you can. This is the main file that will be used.

PY File

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