Throwing Knives are sets of knives that can be thrown at an enemy from a distance. Not to be confused with daggers, instead of a melee combo chain, they have a ranged knife-throwing combo. This makes throwing knives more long-range oriented. Other than that, knives have the same skill set as daggers, and a pirate's skill with them is defined by the same level.


Your pirate does not start off with the dagger. It must be learned by completing the dagger quest unlocked at level 10.Your pirate will be asked to visit Elizabeth Swann , who promises to teach you how to use a dagger. She, in turn, sends you to [Turner]  to make them a set of special daggers where you quest for materials will begin.

Throwing Skills

Name Description Cost Level Req. Icon
Asp Basic throwing knife. 2g per 25 2
Dagger throw
Adder A small throwing knife covered in snake venom. 2g per 25 4
Dagger adder
Throw Dirt Fight dirty by blinding your opponent. none 6
Dagger throw dirt
Sidewinder A large curved throwing knife. 7g per 25 12
Dagger sidewinder
Viper's Nest A brace of special knives thrown in a set. 2g per 5 17
Dagger vipers nest

Passive Skills

I would highly recommend putting 5 skill points on Blade Instinct.

Name Description Level Req. Icon
Backstrike The pirate receives a bonus when striking an enemy from behind 1 (couldn't find one)
Finesse Lowers the amount of time to reset a Cutlass or Dagger Combo 10
Cutlass finesse
Blade Instinct Additional damage using a Cutlass or Dagger. 20
Dagger blade instinct

Dagger Belts

Name Additional Daggers Held Cost
Small Belt +25 Throwing/Venom/Sidewinder, +10 Vipers 200
Medium Belt +50 Throwing/Venom/Sidewinder, +20 Vipers 800
Large Belt +75 Throwing/Venom/Sidewinder, +35 Vipers 2400