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Undead is a term used to refer to a member of Jolly Roger's army of walking skeletons - poor souls brought back from the dead to serve in his revenge. Some of which are French or Spanish ghosts haunting the islands.

Undead have no fear, no matter what level of opponent they face, and will attack without mercy and give no quarter. Fortunately, every weapon in the pirate's Weapon Belt can do them harm. Once the sod's carcass has taken enough damage, they will collapse - releasing Jolly Roger's hold on them and freeing their spirits. Most consider serving in this devil's army to be a fate worse than death.

Game Notes

  • Undead are usually pictured as ragged skeletons with little flesh on them and ragged clothing. However, Undead Spanish minions wear some armor and Undead French wear ragged uniforms. This does not affect their stats.
  • Undead are sometimes pictured as having green shining orbs for eyes. However, they are mostly displayed as having empty eye sockets.
  • It is known the Undead can speak.

Undead Bosses

Facing one of Jolly Roger's army is frightening enough, but these baddies are even stronger, deadlier and more terrifying.