This article contains information about the game, Pirates Online Rewritten.
The content of this article will most likely be implemented into the game.

Voodoo is a belief system forged by slaves in the past. Voodoo, was first founded by former African King, and current pirate lord, Pocar. Pocar found Voodoo while crafting a doll in the image of his slave master, who was capturing his people and shipping them to South America, as slaves. His slave master walked in to his throne room and Pocars' knives fell from the old shelf on to the doll,  then instantly, the slave master felt the pain and began to bleed to death. Pocar was surprised at this, but he had to escape, due to killing a slave master, so, he hid the body. Many moons after, he gathered his people to a meeting in a cave far from his village where he showed them the art of Voodoo, which would end the time of them being slaves. Later in the night, they went to the docks and the slave masters threatened to kill them if they weren't to return to the village, the villagers pulled out Voodoo dolls of the slave masters and stabbed pins in their dolls, making the slave masters feel intense pain and fall over. They quickly ran to the ships and sailed off from their continent on to South America, where they would eventually all become pirates and spread the art of Voodoo across the lands.

Healing Arts 

During the voyage to the continent, there were many sick people aboard who needed medical aid. Pocar's wife, Jale, suggested she could find a way to heal the sick people using Voodoo. She went to grab some herbs, a bowl, and a bucket of water. She poured water into the bowl and the herbs, "I need some spices!" She cried out, her assistant gave her spices where she would mix it in the ingredients together which would form a kind of light greenish mush. She placed a regular cloth doll in the bowl and mixed the mush all over it, until it covered the entire doll. She touched someone with the doll where they were sick at and it began to mend their wounds. Ever since, Voodoo could be used to heal.

Other Voodoo Arts and Constructs

After making landfall on a swamp like island they called Mucky Hollow, numbers were raised in Voodoo . People had made Voodoo Staves, Voodoo Charms, Voodoo Totems and other sorts of items. Voodoo practicers find that wearing cloth makes their Voodoo easier to use and better. Some can enchant cloth clothes to benefit their stats with Voodoo power, healing, or attacking. 

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