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The Voodoo Doll is a third weapon received in the game and the first voodoo object your pirate will receive. A voodoo doll can be  attuned to either a friend or foe. A voodoo doll is not prohibited by the Pirate's Code which means you can use it against any enemies.


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To use the doll, you must first attune a target. Attuning is basically left clicking them like you would with a sword. Either press CTRL or click the left-mouse button. They will not take damage, but it makes them connected with the voodoo doll. A black swirl will appear under your attuned target's feet. The attuned targets and their health levels will also appear on the right of your screen. You can also use attune to check how much health the target has. Attunement can be broken if you travel too far from your target(s). You may also click on the target's name in your attuned list this will un-attune them. The advantage of a voodoo doll is the fact that a pirate can attune a target, and then move away from the target to avoid attacks. Voodoo effects will be spread among multiple targets, but the more targets attuned the less effective your doll will become. Healing can only be used on allies, and harmful hexes only affect enemies. But, you can have both a friend and foe attuned at once.

Doll Skills

Hex Skills 

Name Description Level Req. Voodoo Cost Icon
AttuneDoll This is how the doll acquires a target for voodoo hexes. The user must touch the subject, friend or foe first. Increasing this skill allows more friends or allies to be attuned at once (up to 5 combined). Hex effects will be divided amongst the targets. 1 None
Voodoo attune
Poke The pirate 'pokes' the voodoo doll with a needle and inflicts damage on the enemy as if you were to poke them. 1 5
Voodoo poke
Swarm A swarm of wasps will appear and attack the targeted enemy. Upgrades do more damage. 2 20
Voodoo swarm
Heal The voodoo user can heal other pirates. Upgrades increase the amount of health restored. 4 15
Voodoo heal
Curse Curses your enemy so they suffer an additional 30% damage. Upgrades prolong the effect. 6 30
Voodoo curse
Scorch Sets an enemy aflame. Upgrades increase the amount of damage. 8 35
Voodoo burn
Cure Improved healing that also removes debuffs from an ally (poison, stun, etc). Upgrades increase the amount of health restored. 12 40
Voodoo cure
Grave Shackles Unearthly chains wrap around your target and prevent it from moving. Upgrades increase the amount time held. 17 50
Voodoo shackle
Life Drain Rips health from an enemy and replenishes yours. Upgrades increase the amount of health drained. 20 100
Voodoo life drain

Passive Skills

These skills are automatic and always in effect. They cost nothing to use.

Name Description Level Req. Icon
Focus Increases total voodoo power. Upgrades add more points. 10
Doll focus
Spirit Ward Protects the pirate from voodoo attacks. Upgrades increase the chance of resisting voodoo attacks. 14
Voodoo will power