The Voodoo Staff is a magical item which can send quick energy blasts or even more powerful special attacks. To cast you must hold down the Left-Mouse button or the Ctrl button and charge it up. The staff is a widely respected weapon and widely used around the Caribbean for its power and ability to destroy multiple enemies at once.Even more powerful than a Voodoo Doll, staves allow a pirate to use voodoo spells against enemies at a distance. Unlike the voodoo doll, the staff does not have to be attuned to a target first. Leveling up your staff gives your pirate more health and voodoo.

Obtaining the Voodoo Staff

The staff is not available until your pirate reaches at least level 30. You will be summoned by Tia Dalma, she then sends your pirate on a major quest to assemble, and charge up the staff as part of the Voodoo Staff Unlock Quest.The Voodoo Staff can also be unlocked by obtaining the Burnt Staff from the Raven's Cove Story Quest. Receiving the Burnt Staff will automatically unlock the Voodoo Staff weapon. The Voodoo Staff Unlock Quest will stay in the journal but will not need to be completed to use the Voodoo Staff. All that is needed to use the Voodoo Staff is the Cursed Staff which can be purchased from any of the Gypsy's.

Voodoo Staff Skills

Hex Description Voodoo Power Cast Time Level Req. Icon
Blast A quick blast of magic. 0 Instant 1
Staff blast
Soul Flay A stronger magic. 30 1 1
Staff frostbeam
Pestilence A cloud of burning green acid descends on the enemy. 45 3 2
Staff pestilence
Wither An aurora of wicked-looking magic surrounds the caster. 60 2 4
Staff sparks
Flaming Skull An intimidating fiery skull appears on the staff and flies out mercilessly at the enemy. 120 4 10
Staff fire
Banish A strong hex that only works on Undead. 210 8 14
Staff deluge
Desolation A graphic swirling storm of death. 300 12 20
Staff shockwave

Passive Skills:

Hex Description Level Req. Icon
Concentration Increases Voodoo Power recovery rate 6
Staff concentration
Spirit Lore Increases staff casting speed 8
Staff spirit lore
Conservation Decreases amount of Voodoo Power used by Staff and Doll 12
Staff conservation
Spirit Mastery Increases the damage by Staff and Doll 17
Staff harmony